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Portraits of pooches and their female owners raises funds for animal welfare

Big love to all the fabulous women and their puppas who participated in our Woman’s Best Friend charity book for H.A.A.R.T (Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team)! We had a blast at the book launch celebrating with you all all who came along to the launch and feel very privileged to take your portraits and share your heartfelt stories! Thank you!

And a super BIG thank you to HAART WA for rescuing the woofers and floofers!

Throughout 2021, David photographed 90 women and their dogs at his Paws of Love Pet Photography studio, to raise funds for local animal welfare charity the Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team (HAART) of WA.

David says of the book, "I’m proud to present this collection of photographs and stories, photographed by myself in 2021. For many years we have accepted the saying that Dogs are Man’s best friend. While many dogs have a close bond with their male owners, I could not help but notice that the majority of dog owners at the local park, my own dog’s vet and clients of my studio, were women.

In fact according to a recent study by Washington State University, researches found in the earliest human settlements, it was women that gave dogs names, let them sleep indoors and mourned when they died. Men may have kept dogs for hunting, but it was women who showered them with love and compassion.

In this book project, I set out to capture beautiful photos of both the dogs and the special bond they have with their fur mums. I have also collected the heart warming stories in the words of the 90 women involved, showing just how important dogs are in their everyday life.

I would like to thank everyone involved and those who gave generously of their time to have the photos taken. The project raised around $7000 for HAART WA, funds that will go a long way to helping the hundreds of abused and homeless dogs that they care for each year."

Copies of the book are available for purchase for $98 online or from the studio.


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