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Perth's Most Experienced Award-Winning Pet Photographer David Brittain

Tails of Love

Charity Book 

Raising funds for mental health & animal welfare

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Dogs. They are our loving companions who bring comfort, joy and laughter into our lives every single day. They light our way when our world looks dark, help us heal when we are sick and even mend broken hearts. Some are even life savers.

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What is the Tails of Love Coffee Table Charity Book?

The Tails of Love Charity Book will be a beautiful coffee-table book of photos and stories showcasing the pets who make our lives worth living and the people who are grateful to them. 

How does the project work?

To be featured in the Tails of Love Charity Book all you need to do is make a $75 donation to either one of our charity partners; Lifeline WA for suicide prevention or The Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team of WA for animal welfare, and come into our studio for a portrait session with your dog!

​In return for your donation, we will give you a complimentary studio portrait session and $150 credit towards any photographic artwork you fall in love with and take home.

Photographs for “Tails of Love” will be taken at our West Perth studio, with a collection of photos taken of your dog and the two of you together. 

You will be invited back the following week after your photo session to view your photographs. We are confident we can create truly special photos you will fall in love with and want to take home, however there is no pressure to do so.

Get stunning portraits of your dog and help support local dogs in need!

Enjoy a complimentary studio session with your dog

by making a $75 donation to either

 Lifeline WA or The Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team of WA

and receive a $150 credit towards artworks!

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Let us show you how we can create stunning portraits that truly capture your pet's unique personality.

Enjoy a personalised studio portrait session with an award-winning pet photographer just for making a $75 donation to mental health & animal welfare!

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