Paws of Love Photography Project

David is now photographing for an upcoming book and is currently searching Perth for dogs who are truly one of the family.


A selection of photographs and stories will feature in a calendar and planned book in 2017.

David aims to raise money from this project for Cancer Support W.A. Over the last two years we have helped raise over $70 000 for this truly worthy charity.


If you have a pet that is one of your family, we would love to hear from you!

Fill in the contact form below and David or a member of his team will be in contact to arrange a time for your photography session.


Once the form is submitted we’ll hopefully book you and your four legged friend(s) in for a photo shoot.

This is your chance to join in the fun, capture precious memories that make a great investment to hang on your wall and assist Cancer Support WA – a local charity raising essential funds to support WA families living with cancer.


Click this link if you would like to take part:




Frequently Asked Questions About The Pet Project

1. Where will the photos be used?

A selection of photos will be used in a calendar for 2018 and a book may eventuate from the project. Our aim is to photograph over 100 Perth dogs.

2. Where will the photographs be taken?

The photos for this project will be taken at David's studio in Leederville.

3. Can myself and my family be photographed with my dog?

Yes, we encourage you and your family to be involved, it's also a great opportunity for a family photo.

4. How do we raise money for Cancer Support WA?

We are requesting that participants donate $50 to our fundraising site (David forgoes his normal $200 sitting fee). Proceeds from the calendar will go to Cancer Support WA.

5. Can I purchase photographs?

Yes! We are hoping you will love the photos that we create for you. Our fine art dog photographs make great wall decor and a percentage of sales goes towards funding the calendar for 2018.

Here is a link to our pricing 

6. Do you have lay-by for any photos I want to purchase?

Yes, you can lay-by for up to 6 months.

7. How can I help promote the project?

We would love you to like our Facebook page and share with all your friends who have a “one of the family”.